ozon bastu

   Bastubad är godkänd för friskvårdsbidrag.

Fördelar med Medical Ozonbastu:

  1. Minskar trötthet, ger ökad energi och förbättrar konditionen.
  2. Lindrar ledsmärtor och reumatism
  3. Lindrar smärtor orsakade av fibromyalgi och artros
  4. Förbättrar immunförsvaret.
  5. Behandlar sömnproblem ( insomni)
  6. Lindrar hudbesvär som eksem psoriasis, akne (på kroppen).
  7. Förbättrar blodcirkulation.
  8. Minskar och behandlar celluliter.
  9. Rensar ut kroppen från toxiner.
  10. Förbättrar förbränning av fettdepåer.
  11. Hjälper att tona musklerna.
  12. Antistress.


Diabetic leg treatment via the ozone therapy
The most spectacular effects of ozone therapy in diabetic pacients are met in those who show up at the medic with considerable leg ulcerations. Most of the time, they end up in our clinic after trying all possible methods prior to amputation, with surgeons giving them no chance of saving the leg.
diabetiker ben


Varicose ulcer treatment via the ozone therapy
The treatment of varicose ulcer via ozone therapy involves the application of a gaseous mixture, composed of oxygen and ozone. The mixture is generated by special apparatus which uses 100% pure oxygen, supplied from an oxygen tank. Out of this oxygen, a small amount is made into ozone.
Local application involves introducing the affected limb in an oxygen-ozone environment, while systemic application is made using rectal insuflations.
For sportsmen, ozone therapy is administered using strict protocols, with controlled exposure to the ozone-oxygen mixture. Using the sauna, the body temperature is raised by approximatively 2 degrees Celsius, while the constant intake of fresh oxygen intensifies the metabolic activity. Also, profound muscular relaxations also appear as a bonus.
Biological effects of ozone:
 * trophic and disinfection effect
 * antibacterial and systemic antiviral effects appears thanks to a discrete increase of peroxide production.
 * increase of red cell deformability
 * increase of red cell production of 2,3-diphosphoglycerate, responsible for oxygen discharge
 * improvement of red cell metabolic functions
The advantages of these therapies are supported by the fact that the oxygen-ozone therapy is a natural treatment, which as opposed to pharmaceutical ones, does not feature any sort of unwanted side-effects, does not interact with other pharmacological compounds, and the cost-benefit ratio is totally favorable.